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Life is busy, work is hard, I'm still alive and trying not to stress. Aside from lame spam on my LJ entries, all is well, not much is terribly new. planning on being in Pennsylvania for a vacation in the summer. Going to visit the Mutter Museum and hopefully drop by Anthrocon for a day or two! Other than that, life carries on! :3
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Dr Who

(currently I am too tired to finish filling this out. Just want to post to save and share)

My new obsession! Here's a fun form to get other perspectives on this show. Voiced by the Dalek in my head...

Your First Doctor/episode: 9th, Christopher Eccelston/"Rose"

Your Favorite Doctor (you may rank as many in order of Favorite to least favorite): Tied between 9, 10 & 11
EXPLAIN: 9th will be the first I remember, the intro to the series and I love how shell-shocked he is. He's still slogging through his same routine in spite of the massive loss and guilt he has. I love his cynical demeanor as he gets nicer and more fond of his 'stupid apes' and he doesn't stay long, leaves me wanting more! 10 is so much goofier and sweeter but has those moments of coldness that remind you he's very powerful and can be a vengeful god. 11 reminds me of a child prodigy, nerdy and mature but still quite naive. Lastly, 9 and Captain Jack kissed. Not much will top that, aside from 11 kissing Rory. Oh yes. MOAR bromances pls 8D

How many Doctors have you traveled with: 1,2,3,9,10,11

Favorite Companion (Once again, feel free to rank):


Favorite Short Term Companion or Character (Either 5 episodes or less or no TARDIS travel for them): CRAIG! Such a secret badass :3

Favored Enemy: Cybermen and Daleks tie. The werewolf and Cassandra were fun short term enemies.

Favorite Accessory: God lord, Bowties. And Jack's Sonic Blaster

Favorite Episode: Empty Child & The Doctor Dances. Hands down, this two parter I can watch and then rewatch over again.

Favorite Race (alien or historical): Love those cats!

Favorite Setting/location and time:

Favorite Quote:

Favorite combo/couple/gang (Cannon or your own jumble): Rose, Dr and Jack, followed closely by 11 and the Ponds and Brian.


Least Favorite Doctor:

Least Favorite Companion:

Least Favored Enemy:


How many Dr Who themed items do you own: 3, not counting my cosplaying stuff...

Who introduced you to the Dr: Lucy Mrvicin

What do you want to see more of: Anything but Weeping Angels. Tired of them beyond the first appearance honestly.

Did you know Douglas Adams was a writer for the original series:

Are you my mummy: Go get me a beer and shut up.
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(no subject)

Zombies are an irrational re-occurring fear of mine.

It reassures me to recall how badly corpses fare in pretty much most outdoor situations. Muscles, eyes, ears and soft tissue go bad so fast. Rotting happens to be a favorite subject of mine. Also, not only would one's own lack of circulation and bacteria work against a walking corpse, but maggots aren't picky about feasting on moving targets. Gangrene attracts flies about as well as a fully dead body, they only thing that slows the process is the animal shaking off the bugs.

Diseases like ebola and rabies are difficult to spread since they require direct contact of some form. Additionally, 28 Days Later type zombies would wither away much faster than in 28 days. How long can one's body perpetually spew blood? We have, on average about 6 liters of blood. It goes fast when you are constantly losing it and about 2.5 liters lost will kill someone fast. Though a zombie may not require blood, all that moisture loss is going to affect them. Fluid is what keeps us supple, dead or alive.

Finally, people seem to have proven that we will be prepared in the event of a crisis. Maybe the government will be less than helpful, but there are enough gun fans in my neck of the woods that all I want to do is make sure I don't get infected!

This is solely for my own enjoyment. Comment if you are interested or ignore.
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A little update...

Hello all, I'm still alive. I don't post much and was lamenting that i don't do too many interesting writings. Currently I've been sewing and painting and trying to catch up with the load of art projects I want to finish.

So far:

~New job! Working at a hospital doing Sterile Processing. That's cleaning all the tools, scopes and sterilizing disposable items for surgery and whatever else needs to be done ;) It's pretty intense, but fun and I'm really enjoying it. I'm also sniffing around on ideas for future careers to pursue, nursing etc in the medical field. So far the people that recover organs for transplants from organ donors actually sounds REALLY COOL. I'm mostly happy to just learn all I can here.

~I'm transgender. I've been to therapy since about November or so? I forget when, but she's really helpful. I am dealing with anxiety too, which is not really something I thought was a problem. It actually causes me more grief (so far) than being trans. Which, to explain for ya'll who might not have taken as many psychology classes as me.... I am biologically female but my brain is not the same as my body. Personally, I feel I've always been a guy, though probably a gay one. I'm attracted to men mostly but bisexual seems to fit best. I may be more comfortable dating girls when I am feeling more in tune with my gender and body issues. Right now, I've gotten a testosterone shot and will be learning how to self-administer. Needles scare me, so that should be interesting. I did get my septum pierced in 14g while I worked at a piercing and tattoo shop. Ever since then, 18 gauge needles have been WAY less scary. The testosterone is given with a 22g needle, which is pretty small. You kind of have to stab it in pretty deep, which sucks, but I hardly felt the spot a few hours after getting a shot in my hip. I plan to eventually change my name and sex legally, but it will be minimal, just shortening Jessica to Jessi. My middle name is Marie, but I'm thinking to change to to Marlin. It was pretty upsetting to consider changing it. I was named after my grandma and I didn't want to change it completely but I also don't want a feminine middle name. My grandparents went fishing and there's a photo of her with a massive sailfish she caught all by herself. It was the most badass thing I'd heard about anyone in my family doing and is one of the best stories I know about her.

~Getting rid of stuff! I started watching Hoarders and it's scaring me into throwing a ton of stuff out and re-homing things I have not used in years. As I said above, trying to finish old projects and toss stuff that isn't going to get done. :D Also trying to see old friends and make new ones. I hope I'm not neglecting anyone, but I promise it isn't personal. I'm busy and forgetful and need gentle reminders sometimes.... <3

Thanks for reading and be excellent to each other....

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Blows to Comedy: Carlin & Asprin died... : (

I just found out one of my longtime favorite authors died about a month ago:

I just finished reading Myth-gotten Gains today. I am pretty down because although he wasn't always my most favorite or varied author, his books were fun and also intelligent without being dumbed down. He had an awesome sense of humour and of the few of his serious books I've read are well written and compelling.
My favorite series are the Myth & Phule (fool) series. I highly recommend the first as a comedy fantasy series and the second as a silly sci-fi read, they aren't the most intellectually challengeing or anything but there are good puns and amusing twists that you don't always expect and the characters are usually well-formed. I started reading them in high school and got more than a few good ideas and life lessons from them. I pretty much based my character Aazhie off of Asprin's Aazh and Roger Zelazny's "Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming" demon Azzie Elbub. I've changed a lot since reading the books and so have my characters, but the spiritings of th is about the same.

It's sappy, but I'm really going to miss him and his work. It's a blow to find out about him and George Carlin around the same time, so I'm going to be doing a lot of re-reading and re-watching Carlin bites. :(
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In memory: Patches

My parents put down my dog Patches this weekend. She was a thirteen year old treeing walker coon hound. In a way it is a little of a relief. She was all old and lumpy the way dogs and rats get in old age and was having streches of bad days where she wouldn't eat or would be sick all week. I just expected her to make it another six months or so & I should have spent more time with her at thanksgiving. :( It is going to be weird going home without her there and I hope our younger dog Cleo will be ok.

I am not having such a good winter, I am sorry for being a flake and not getting back to everyone about whatever we do together. I don't know if i am just constantly tired or depressed or what. I expect that after New year's I will have more time to hang out, but I would appreciate it if you want to see me, call me/email please. Going to do my best to get back when i hear from anyone.
I miss a lot of you and would appreciate hearing from ya at some point. i am not very good at talking about things that bother me, so i will attempt to make a few entries with updates after I work a few things out. If you have a minute I would really appreciate a comment if you don't mind.

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my home is going away :(

My parents are selling the house i grew up in... :( it wasn't terribly special, but it was getting nicer & fixed up these past few years, I had some nicer plants growing in the yard that I may not see again. Just kind of sad. They bought a house for cheaper somewhere close by.
I'm going to miss it but the new place is pretty nice, has a pool :3
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Trip To NYC! :D

basic update:

going to New York City today for a week long vacation. Will be immersed in culture with a side of fencing :D
If you have any business with me, I will be dealing with everything I can when i get back, so feel free to send me a nudge email if you think i have forgotten you- I probably haven't. Just trying to survive my last semester at HSU!

Saw Hot Fuzz, the BEST movie in theaters this year...

and you should hear this song!


Actual music video is nothing special, but i personally liked it.
I want to get some paintings done for a gallery show at some point. Also planning on working things out for Humboldt County Herpetological Society for all the reptile lovers.
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