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Goats go to Hell

3 November 1984
I am an artist living in northern CA, i love fencing, history, animals, psychology, gardening and food. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I own three lovely and fussy ball pythons. I am hoping to breed ball pythons in a few years. I am trying to do more sewing and costuming. I am an anthro artist, goth, DIY-er & lolita. Love horror movies, original ideas, sex, plants and gardening and dead things. I don't really like dealing with people who don't know themselves. I am graduating in summer 07 with a studio art and Psychology degree. I currently (July 07) work at Arcata Animal Hospital and do freelance graphic design and various artistic commissions. I am hoping to do more animal volunteer work. I used to work at Folsom City Zoo, which is the best place ever!! I love British comedy, Venture Brothers & Family Guy and many other things.... :3